Infinity Ações FIC FIA

The FUND aims to provide its shareholders, in the medium and long term, with capital gains by investing primarily in the stock market, and may use, among others, hedge mechanisms and arbitrage operations to achieve its goals. The Master Fund's exposure will depend, among other factors, on the MANAGER's identification of opportunities, in pursuing a high correlation with any specific stock index available.



Aimed at investors in general who wish to obtain profitability above the IBOVESPA in the medium and long term.


MANAGER: Infinity Asset Management Ltda. | ADMINISTRATOR: Planner Trustee DTVM LTDA.


Benchmark: IBOVESPA
Risk profile¹: Aggressive
Management fee: 1.90% p.a.
Performance fee:  20% over IBOVESPA
Entrance fee: None
Exit fee: None
Initial investment: (BRL 500.00)
Minimum movement: (BRL 500.00)
Minimum balance: (BRL 500.00)
Subscription: T + 1
Redemption: T+3  (with 5% exit fee) * / T + 30  (without fee)
Settlement: 2º day after redemption NAV
Subscription and Redemption orders: Daily, up to 2 pm
Grace period: None
Taxation²: Equity fund 15%

The information contained in this material is for informational purposes only and does not constitute any type of investment advice and should not be used for this purpose. Infinity Asset Management Ltd., its administrators and employees disclaim liability for any damages resulting directly or indirectly from the use of the information contained in this website.

Investment funds are not guaranteed by the fund manager, the portfolio manager, any insurance mechanism or the credit guarantee fund – FGC. The profitability obtained in the past does not represent a guarantee of future profitability. Investors are advised to carefully read the prospectus and investment fund regulations when investing their funds. The reported profitability is not net of taxes.